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Learn how to make delicious French press coffee with our step-by-step recipe guide. Find out the best coffee beans, brewing ratios, and methods for a perfect brew.

French Press Coffee

You will need:

  • French press coffee makerFrench press
  • Coffee beansCoffee beans
  • Burr grinderBurr grinder
  • Hot water kettleHot water
  • Coffee scaleScale
  • Kitchen timerTimer


  1. Start by measuring out 30g of coffee beans using your scale.
  2. Next, grind your coffee beans to a coarse consistency using a burr grinder.
  3. Add the ground coffee to your French press.
  4. Heat your water to 205 degrees Fahrenheit or just off the boil if you don't have a thermometer.
  5. Pour the hot water into the French press, making sure all the grounds are saturated.
  6. Stir the mixture gently with a spoon or chopstick.
  7. Place the lid on your French press with the plunger pulled all the way up.
  8. Let the coffee steep for 4 minutes.
  9. After 4 minutes, slowly press the plunger down.
  10. Serve the coffee immediately to prevent it from becoming bitter.


It's important to use freshly roasted beans and grind them just before brewing for the best flavor. Also, be sure to clean your French press thoroughly after each use to prevent old coffee grounds from affecting the taste of your brew.

Unleash the barista within you and master the art of brewing the perfect cup of coffee at home with our French Press Coffee recipe. This simple yet effective method of brewing coffee ensures that you extract the full-bodied, rich flavors of your coffee beans, providing a satisfying and invigorating start to your day.

The French Press method is a popular choice among coffee lovers worldwide due to its simplicity and the control it offers over the brewing process. From selecting the best coffee beans to determining the optimal brewing time, you are in charge of every step. This hands-on approach allows you to customize your brew to your exact taste preference.

While our recipe focuses on hot coffee, the French Press is also an excellent tool for making cold brew. The brewing process is similar, but the coffee is steeped in cold water for a longer period. If you're interested in exploring this, check out our guide on making Starbucks-style cold brew at home.

One of the key elements in our recipe is the use of a burr grinder to achieve a coarse grind consistency. This is crucial for a French Press, as a finer grind can lead to over-extraction and a bitter taste. If you're in the market for a grinder or other coffee equipment, our review of top cold brew equipment is a must-read.

Our recipe also emphasizes the importance of using freshly roasted beans. Fresh beans can significantly enhance the flavor of your coffee, making every sip a delight. If you're curious about the difference between cold brew coffee and regular coffee, our FAQ section has got you covered.

Remember, the beauty of making your own coffee at home lies in the freedom to experiment and discover your unique taste preferences. So, don't be afraid to tweak the recipe and make it your own. Happy brewing!