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🥜 Pistachio Cream Cold Brew Recipe 🥤

Looking for a delicious and refreshing cold brew recipe? Try our Pistachio Cream Cold Brew recipe made with high-quality coffee beans and real pistachio cream syrup. Adjust the sweetness and creaminess to your liking!

Pistachio Cream Cold Brew

You will need:

  • cold brew coffee concentrateCold brew coffee concentrate
  • pistachio cream syrupPistachio cream syrup
  • milk or creamMilk or cream
  • ice cubesIce cubes
  • crushed pistachiosCrushed pistachios for garnish


  1. First, you need to prepare your cold brew coffee concentrate. This process usually takes about 24 hours, so plan accordingly. You can use your favorite coffee beans, just make sure they are coarsely ground and steeped in cold water for a full day.
  2. Once your cold brew is ready, take a tall glass and pour in the coffee concentrate. The amount depends on how strong you like your coffee, but a good starting point is half a glass.
  3. Next, add the pistachio cream syrup to the glass. This gives the drink its distinctive nutty flavor. Adjust the amount based on your sweetness preference.
  4. Now, pour in milk or cream to your preference. This adds a creamy texture to your cold brew. If you prefer a lighter version, you can use milk. For a richer taste, use cream.
  5. Add in ice cubes and give your drink a good stir. This ensures that all the flavors are well combined and that your drink is refreshingly cold.
  6. Finally, garnish your Pistachio Cream Cold Brew with some crushed pistachios. This not only makes your drink look more appealing, but also adds a nice crunch and extra pistachio flavor. Now, your homemade Pistachio Cream Cold Brew is ready to serve.


Remember, the key to a great Pistachio Cream Cold Brew is the quality of your ingredients. Use good quality coffee beans and real pistachio cream syrup for the best results. Also, don't forget to adjust the sweetness and creaminess according to your preference.

Experience the unique and refreshing taste of our Pistachio Cream Cold Brew – a delightful fusion of rich cold brew coffee concentrate and creamy pistachio syrup. This recipe is a testament to the versatility of cold brew coffee, proving that it's not just a summer beverage, but a year-round treat that can be customized to your palate.

Before you dive into the process, remember that the secret to a perfect brew lies in the quality of your ingredients. From the coffee beans to the pistachio cream syrup, every component plays a crucial role in the final flavor profile. Learn how to brew the perfect cold brew concentrate at home to ensure you're starting with the best base for your drink.

What makes this recipe truly special is the pistachio cream syrup. It's not your typical coffee sweetener, but it adds a unique nutty and creamy twist to the cold brew. If you're looking for more ways to spice up your cold brew, check out our guide on unique cold brew additions.

Finally, don't forget the garnish! A sprinkle of crushed pistachios not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your drink but also adds a delightful crunch that complements the smoothness of the cold brew. For more creative garnishing ideas and other recipes, explore our collection of cold brew recipes.

Whether you're a seasoned barista or a coffee enthusiast, our Pistachio Cream Cold Brew recipe is a fun and tasty way to experiment with your cold brew. So, go ahead, brew a batch of cold brew at home, and let the magic of this unique recipe tantalize your taste buds.